Thursday, January 19, 2017


Strib Story

June 16th, 2017 @ XCel Energy Center

Not that I can claim to be a HUGE fan or anything, but I do enjoy some of their music, and the big thing about this is they have flown over our town on an extensive number of tours. Their last show here I thought I saw was in the year 2000.

Why? probably MONEY i.e. Maiden's people wanted more than the promoters were willing to pay, etc.

Which sucks, but who knows how many other reasons (conflicts in venues, routing, pkg tours, etc).

I may try and go, but I am happy for those who love them and have never been able to travel to see them.

It is the Book of Souls tour, which I checked out and enjoyed moments of (I felt it was quite long and repetitve at times, but I also just take to much of Maiden's music in that way, thus don't expect tons different kinds of sound, or even songs).

Also Ghost opens.

To add to this, along with the likes of Agalloch (RIP) and Godspeed You Black Emperor, at least some of the artists who seem to fly over my hometown for many years/tours (Porcupine Tree as well, but then Steven Wilson came back twice on his solo tour at least), it holds hope for some other artists like The Reign of Kindo and Imogen Heap for me to finally get to see, without having to spend a bunch of cash to travel for. Although Marillion, I guess I may always assume they will never come here. 

But then again..never say never..