Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Roger Waters - The Wall 2015 [Documentary/Live Performance]

What i just wrote on Facebook:
I saw Roger Waters "The Wall" documentary/live performance last night in the theater. Pretty surreal at times, and astounding visually at points. I also really liked the personal scenes of Roger driving in parts of Europe, visiting memorials for his dad and other fallen War veterans.
However, my feeling on the album itself remains the same.1/3 of it I love, 1/3 I enjoy for the concept I suppose, and 1/3 is just way too over the top, melodramatic and overtly dark and psychological, and political , that I can't fathom enjoying to a large degree.
I only can imagine if he or another band had the money, time and people involved with such a spectacle, for an album I do feel more fondly about, even say The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway . I would probably be able to fully appreciate the accomplishment that Roger and crew pulled off.
I also really liked most of the Q&A between Roger and Nick Mason (Official) afterwards, sans for the large number of questions asking or alluding to stuff with David Gilmour obviously.

I also should add, I stumbled across a live RPWL collection of Pink Floyd tunes the other day online and it reminded me why I love so much of that Pre-Dark Side Floyd stuff. A 19-minute version of "Fat Old Sun" alone gave me multiple goosebump moments.