Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons (original demo)

Dream Theater's EP A Change of Seasons recently turned 20,

I probably won't go in-depth as I should per time. But while I do love the 23 minute piece they released in 1995 and it was the 1st official release they put out after my actually becoming a fan (I knew "Pull Me Under" going back to hearing it on the radio in 1992-1994), in May of 1995.

But I was sent via cassette tape trading from a dude from South Dakota I met at a Rush show I think, a copy on tape with some others, a circulated bootleg(s), that included this original demo version of ACOS.

edit: it was on the "Antiquities" bootleg per the description in YouTube.

And I grew to love this version more? why? I think largely, Labrie really goes all out with the falsettos especially. But also the arrangement and the use of samples as well.

Sure the production is just in demo form, etc. But I can look past that.

It also includes Kevin Moore of course, although they played it live in 1993, but I think at that point, that version resembled the EP version more so, and didn't include the "Please Don't Go!" section from memory.

Anyway, I think for all the fans who can't say enough praise for the final, EP version with Derek Sherinian, they at least should BE AWARE of this version, to know what it was like.

That all being said, I sure as hell would go for:

1) The EP finally being released on VINYL

2) A Boxed Set mastering of THIS VERSION in some format soon. I dunno if the DT guys would want to put it out at this point though. But every band does them. I could see it coming out on Vinyl and a DELUXE cd version that includes both this demo version and the 1993 live-version as well which I do think came out on 1 of the official bootlegs, along with a remastering of the final EP version.  Maybe it won't be happening on this, its 20th anniversary, but perhaps 25th in 2020?