Saturday, September 5, 2015

Coheed and Cambria - The Color Before the Sun (2014-2015)

9/5/15 5:49AM

New song "Here to Mars" and the artwork and track list are below. I am getting kind of luke warm about this record. On 1 hand, I don't expect them to make another record as good as Good Apollo 1 or In Keeping Secrets, although many of their records since have had some good songs, but something about them has not worked overall for me (compressed mixing of the cymbals, swallowing into the mic namely from a narrative between or within a song).

I guess we'll see as this record drops in a little over a month.


Coheed and Cambria

1.  Island
2.  Eraser
3.  Colors
4.  Here To Mars
5.  Ghost
6.  Atlas
7.  Young Love
8.  You Got Spirit, Kid
9.  The Audience
10.  Peace To The Mountain

7/9/15 9:18PM

B-mouth has some more about the record. Release date is October 9th. "You Got Spirit, Kid" is officially released tomorrow, July 10th.

This album is their 1st album that is not a concept or tied-in to their other albums "Amory Wars" concept, which honestly is fine by me. But then again, I haven't really been into any of their albums since Good Apollo I in 2005. GA II was okay I guess, and they have had some nice tracks here and there on the subsequent albums.  Their last album, The Afterman: The Descension I honestly thought I would like, but from memory, the narrative bits with the swallowing close to the mic totally ruined it, despite the (mostly) lack of clipping cymbals in the mixing (which also from memory, was a big issue with some of their others like Ascension and Year of the Black Rainbow)

This 1st single is not bad, although some comments are saying it's insanely catchy, which I agree it's catchy, but not like some of the highly memorable hooks in GA 1.

I guess I have come to find like with many other bands I've enjoyed in the last decade that I loved initially, but follow-up records have not excited me as much, I will check out this album, but not expect an amazing comeback. But if it happens, I'm all the more happy.