Monday, September 1, 2014

Fjokra - Love, Thrust, Burn [Official Video, 2014]

Love the song, and the video is rather arty of course. I suppose I tend to picture (in a completely heterosexual way mind you) a guy (Fjokra himself namely) either in the shower or scantily clad or something, mainly with the lyric "ooh, you look so good, standing in my bedroom in nude"

Anyway, this video with the ballerina? and accompanied male dancer fits a bit in the theme/tone I suppose. What the deal is with the people in clear tubes or whatever, I'm not sure other than some other metaphor of looking at someone or these 2 dancers in a hidden, isolated space or something?

I often picture someone with binoculars across the street or something, a peeping tom or a P.I in some movie or show (or novel).

But regardless, one of the excellent tracks from Thoughtsteps, and if I'm not mistaken, now there's a video for every track on the new EP.

I wonder (hope) that means Fjokra is or will be looking to write and record some music soon and if not this year, perhaps in 2015 we'll get to hear more from this great new artist.