Sunday, September 21, 2014

Team Me - Blind as Night (2014)

9/21/14 9:00AM

8/21/14 8:18PM

Title track official video

8/14/14 6:02AM

New *double single* "Blind as Night/That All Time High" although the below are radio edits. I think on Spotify the full versions are available.

Also this album will be dropping in January to the rest of the World beyond the August/September dates posted below.

7/31/14 11:00PM
The initial single "F is For Faker" earlier this year got me pretty curious about this their next album. I got pretty addicted to this Norwegian orchestral pop/rock band's 2011 debut LP To the Treetops. The energy and choruses were impossible to get out of my head at times. And they sort of filled the void currently. without any new music from Mew, who as much as they can sound like, it didn't seem to matter for me that much.

The interview linked below they talk a little about how this album differs from Treetops, which I am not sure will matter. It is kind of a crapshoot with a follow up record, but I like to at least have optimism and hope from any band who I get into.


1. Riding My Bicycle (from Feddersensgate 5A to M├Állervegen 31)
2. Kick & Curse
3. Man-Eating Machine
4. F is for Faker
5. Le Sound
6. Did We Lose Something Here
7. Are You Still in Love
8. Steven
9. The All Time High
10. Blind As Night

(link showing the Asian? version with bonus tracks)
11. June
12. December Ice

August 27th (Asia)
September 1st (Norway)

The Interview linked has some stuff about this record and the band. Some of the members like Black Metal, which actually doesn't surprise me too much given where they come from and their music's different styles.

You have a new album in the pipeline? What can we expect?
We said right after we finished our first album, To The Treetops!, that we weren’t gonna do the same album twice. And I think we’ve kept our promise to ourselves. It’s quite different from our first one. Both the songwriting and the sound of the new record Blind As Night is a bit different. It’s more of a band feeling to this one. A bit darker and heavier, but with the Team Me signature sounds and choirs on top. The thing with not repeating yourself though, is that you never know where you end up. So, hopefully people who liked To The Treetops! will stay with us on our new journey.