Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tiny Giant: New band feat. Chloe Alper (ex-Pure Reason Revolution)

Per altprogcore's post

This is a new project/band from Chloe Alper (ex-Pure Reason Revolution). You can stream their 1st song "Heavy Love" on their website linked above.

Not bad. Probably more *rock* like than the music I wondered if she was going toward with her solo music. Which with this new band with Mat Collis, I wonder how much this will impact said solo career. She has posted the last few years about a solo album coming under the name "Chloe." So, perhaps she will be doing both? or will that solo music not be coming so soon now?

Mat Collis, apparently is an engineer and perhaps a drummer among other things. It appears he's worked with Steven Wilson, Katatonia among his experience, as an engineer and drum, keyboard and guitar tech.

But Tiny Giant has an EP expected next winter per their website.