Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Casey Crescenzo Presents: Amour & Attrition: A Symphony in Four Movements

5/27/14 10:54PM

Artwork, and more info about it per thedearhunter.com


Today, Casey Crescenzo – multi-instrumentalist and frontman of
The Dear Hunter – announces the official release dates for his debut symphony,
“Amour & Attrition.” The symphony will be released digitally on June 3 and
physically (CD/vinyl) on June 24. Preorders for “Amour & Attrition” are
available now at:


For the first time, fans can now hear an excerpt from “Movement I” of the
symphony, here:


This past November, “Amour & Attrition” was performed in its entirety and
recorded in the Czech Republic with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra under the
direction of conductor Mikel Toms. The project was funded by over 1,200
supporters through crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic, exceeding its goal in just
a couple of weeks and allowing Crescenzo to fulfill his longtime dream of
writing and recording his very own symphony with a full orchestra. Some clips
from the recording process can be seen at:


“Mikel Toms, the conductor of the Brno orchestra, is definitely owed a deep
amount of gratitude from me for making this a reality,” shares Crescenzo. “He
assisted me in every step, from scheduling, reviewing my scores, and so much
more. He also really took the time to understand the motive of the music, and it
shows in the recording.”

He continues, “While I do feel a great sense of accomplishment, I know that it
wouldn’t have been remotely possible without the incredible help, and
encouragement, from the community of people who supported this project. The best
way I could show my appreciation was by pouring myself into the symphony and
creating something we could all be proud to say we were a part of. I am ecstatic
for people to hear ‘Amour & Attrition.’”

The symphony will be self-released through Cave & Canary Goods — Crescenzo’s
personal imprint label within Equal Vision Records — which recently released
Naive Thieves’ debut full-length album “Vámonos,” which Crescenzo produced, as
well as The Dear Hunter’s latest album, “Migrant.”

This summer, The Dear Hunter will head out on a five-week U.S. co-headline tour
with RX Bandits, and supporting act From Indian Lakes. The tour will kick off on
July 11 in St. Petersburg and wrap up on August 17 in Houston. All upcoming tour
dates for The Dear Hunter can be found below.

Following the tour, The Dear Hunter will next enter the studio to record the
highly anticipated follow-up to “Migrant.”

“After an extended silent season, I am beyond ready for my band to get back out
into the world,” concludes Crescenzo. “This tour couldn’t have come at a better
time. I’m so excited to see old friends, make new ones, and sing until my lungs

5/14/14 7:05PM

short clip from the Symphony. Digital release coming on June 3rd, Physical June 24th.

Facebook link

The Dear Hunter going on tour with RX Bandits this Summer. Unfortunately, no Minnesota show.

  5/3/14 12:30PM

Below is a podcast that around the 12 or 13-minute mark, an extensive interview/discussion with Casey  (1 hour and 10 minutes?) about this upcoming Symphony (apparently finally coming out in JUNE), his history and future including confirmation that Act IV will be made, as he mentions after the next record The Dear Hunter make (and he mentions having written like 20 songs for it already), and his next Symphony. Time-wise for Act IV? perhaps around 2016?

Download, etc the podcast here

This week the boys are joined by special guest Casey Crescenzo, front man for The Dear Hunter, who recently recorded his first symphony.  In this interview they cover The Dear Hunter's entire library, his thoughts and writing process.  Then Casey drops the bomb on the question every fan asks, "When are you going to record the rest of the Acts?"  Wait for it...
Be sure to go to their webpage, http://thedearhunter.com, for tour dates and all things The Dear Hunter.
4/15/14 11:06PM

Amour & Attrition, odd yet romantic title. I guess it may be made available as early as May for the Pledgemusic backers.


Finally get to see a test copy of the staff music book for my first symphony... As if I even know what I'm looking at. So close to releasing this! Can't contain the excitement to finally have people hear it, and witness music blogs suddenly have an opinion on orchestral music- and find all new ways to call me pretentious and grandiose! 😎 #cantreadmusic

1/17/14 9:16PM
Here's what I imagine is the 1st of many videos and information that Casey will share about this.