Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sir Video - TBA (2014)

Excellent new vocoder-driven track!

Sir Video have posted about finishing up the MIXING of their new album recently on Facebook, and finally the other day this was posted. I also love the fact they mention Tom Brislin is involved, yes the same Tom Brislin who played with Yes and more recently being a member of Renaissance.

But of course I know Tom also has his own band named Spiraling who just checking, have 9 records of ORIGINAL music (3 live, 6 studio it appears), and their style of music is maybe closer to Sir Video or Timmy Sean's music, than say Yes or Renaissance.

How Timmy knows Tom Brislin is a little unclear. Tom is from New Jersey, Timmy if I'm not mistaken has always hailed from the Southern California/LA area. Maybe at CalProg they met? (Spiraling despite not being prog really, played that festival 1 year and maybe Timmy attended?), or maybe Timmy spent time in NJ or Tom in LA?'s a bit curious anyway, how they'd know eachother.

But as far as this album, it drops in July according to Sir Video's facebook, and the 3 singles from last year were terrific; I would anticipate more of the same kind of quality as this new single and those 2013 ones.

Seems like an appropriate time to debut THE FIRST FINAL MIX FROM OUR UPCOMING DEBUT RELEASE COMING IN JULY. Without further ado, here is "She's A Killer" (featuring our old pal Tom Brislin on talkbox synth and produced by Kenny Gioia)! Please share if you like it :-