Monday, May 26, 2014

Archive - Axiom [Album + Film] (2014)

5/26/15 9:38PM

Here's what I posted on Facebook a bit ago.

This new Archive record "Axiom" is really good. Wonderful atmosphere with the textures and heavy ambience. I think I already enjoy it more than their last LP. I want to find a way to see the film even more now.

Archive have impressed me again with this new Soundtrack/LP of theirs "Axiom". These guys continue to do great work and the music world have next to no idea who they are (for better or for worse).
I just hope I can find a way to see the film this soundtrack is for at some point.

Great record.  Not long, but long enough. The 10-minute instrumental track may be one of the best pieces the band has ever made. It's like Sigur Ros or something, in that it creates this mood that I could listen to for a lot long than the main theme goes for.

Is it an album of the year candidate? unlikely, but given this year has been pretty spotty, this record may find it's way pretty high on my year end write-up.

4/22/14 5:31AM

I didn't realize they had this coming, and coming so soon, although Archive are somewhat prolific, so it doesn't seem so surprising. This seems obviously, more in the soundtrack vein than anything else, and dark thematically. Regardless, it's a new Archive record and even a film that I'd like to check out if possible (given it's International, who knows how easily it'll be made available and when i.e...I could be sitting here a year or 2 from now and not been able to see it).

They just shared the video for "Distorted Angels" below, and there's a trailer of sorts on their website linked above.

May 12th is the release date per that website listed below.

edit: 1 of the trailers is also linked below.


We are delighted to be able to share with you the tracklisting and cover artwork for our next album Axiom. In contrast to previous albums Axiom consists of one continuous 40-minute piece of music that evolves through seven tracks: 

“Distorted Angels”
“Transmission Data Terminate” 
“The Noise of Flames Crashing”
“Axiom (Reprise)”.

“Recording the bells at Greenwich church certainly set the ball rolling to what became Axiom,” recalls Darius.
“I'm not a hundred per cent sure what I had in mind when I decided we should record the bells, but I just felt it would be important somehow in the genesis of the new record. The music came first; the album was written seamlessly, with one idea falling into another, one singer falling into another. It's a musical journey with a clear beginning and end, but you can certainly pull out six parts that could be distinguished as songs."

The central theme of the bells was the starting point in creating ‘Axiom The Film’. NYSU director Jesus Hernandez:
“We saw our role as composers of a kind of visual soundtrack for the music. Our challenge was to translate the band's script into images”

'Axiom' the film will receive it's world premier at the London Sundance Film Festival on Friday 25th April. General tickets, which include the film screening and admission to our Brooklyn Bowl gig, go on-sale at 9am tomorrow and can be purchased here: 

We will then perform the album live to accompany the film at a one-off worldwide exclusive performance at the London Roundhouse on 29th May. This will be our biggest UK show to date, following sold-out shows in the capital last year at Heaven and KOKO, so make sure you are there to share this event with us.

The film will also be shown in 5.1 surround sound in select cinemas across Europe to coincide with the album’s release. Both album and film will be released worldwide on the band’s own Dangervisit label (through PIAS/Cooperative Music) on 12th May.