Monday, June 10, 2013

Mercies - Barely Speak // Vultures [Single] (2013)

This is a new single from Mercies. By *new* it's relative. Last year they had a successful Kickstarter campaign to tour, and 1 extra perk for some was a 7" single for this they were going to release. Well, I guess printing it and other factors changed the plans. So, they now finally finished it and decided to release it just as a digital file (at least for now).

The 2 tracks here are very nice. Much in the style of their previous music for the most part. Dreamy, jangley at points. Why it's a single with 2 tracks in the title is a bit odd, but maybe they weren't putting out an EP, but also decided the 2 songs go together. Sort of a double-single in a way. That sounds like a contradiction in terms, but whatever.

The guys in Mercies continue to impress here. If you feel the same, it's only $2 for a download. And of course free to stream.

Barely Speak // Vultures - Single cover art

1 Barely Speak 4:26
2 Vultures 4:10