Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jon Anderson - "Sing to Me" clip (Zamran Experience...Son of Olias?)

I thought I saw something about this being the "Son of Olias" which I knew Jon has talked about doing for many years; a sequel of sorts to the Olias of Sunnhillow album.

This is nice.

Also, this message about a concert in August, was just posted from Jon per the "Notes from the Edge" service on Facebook:

A message from Jon Anderson to the audience attendees for his August 14, 2013 show at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, UK:

ok!! peeps..,...the show in Manchester is's in the please feel free to film parts or all of the songs on your cell phones or videos..on some songs will do.....

as many of you as can do it, this it will make a unique filming experience...for the peeps whose videos we choose to use you will all receive your own final copy....when it's edited together...and a painting from commemorate this event..

please send your films to:

have fun.....jon