Saturday, June 8, 2013

KFAI Radio: 6/713 Filling In on the air for The Minnesota Sound

6/7/13 The show is up to stream and DOWNLOAD for 2-weeks. 

I was filling in here, for a show that is STRICTLY ALL MINNESOTA MUSIC. Nothing from artists that are not from Minnesota is allowed. In other words, Subbing by playing a lot of my favorite music wouldn't work for this specific show. But I enjoy enough music from Minnesota, that this show still worked well.

My girlfriend kind of felt the same, but maybe even more, leans towards music not from Minnesota. But given she also can sub at KFAI, subbing for some other non-restricted-to-Minnesota-Music shows may be more likely (perhaps "The Pop Shop" on Monday evenings at Midnight, or some others)

Also about playing the CARTS aka Promos, etc... I didn't mean to play the same cart twice; I have a better idea how to play the carts now in fact, by playing them all-at-once, at least I guess it's okay. Perhaps playing them all at once, twice during the show in fact. It's been so many years, but I forgot that it was okay to play carts in different fashions, just that to remember to actually play them is the key.

Here's my post from Facebook with the Playlist:

I feel bad leaving my copy of The Royal Veil 's EP at work, and forgetting to mention the Mike Linden track I played. My apologies. 

But hopefully both of them will be fully included the next time I sub on KFAI. 

Brice Plays Drums - Freight Train Blues
Mike Linden - Paper Plans II: 1903
WOLFHOPPERS - Purpose, Part I
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Darkmatter
The Book Of Right On - Manchild at the Helm

Prince and the Revolution - Pop Life
Jeremy Messersmith - Dead End Job
Dan Wilson - She Can't Help Me Now

Spaghetti Western String Co - P. Sellers
Peter Ostroushko - Topanga Canyon Strut
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Little Wing
Boiled In Lead - Jolly Tinker

Nomia - Perseus
Lehto & Wright - Children's Songs
Media Addicts - Zeitgeist
Greg Herriges - Sabir Khan Song
Watercolors - ?