Saturday, June 8, 2013

God is an Astronaut - Origins (2013)

6/8/13 12:04PM

Drop date is September 16th, with the 1st single on September 2nd. GiaA are a post rock band who I always think of for their use of piano. And their music I have enjoyed, but it's been a little hit and miss. Their best work or songs are brilliant. I just can't say their percentage for being brilliant is incredibly high. But all their music has definitely been worth checking out, no matter. The 2 videos below are 2 of the best tracks by them. Although "Zodiac" doesn't feature as much piano if I recall, and their record Age of the Fifth Sun and S/T record I remember not including as much as their earlier work. Hopefully Origins will; namely since the name suggests it'll be like their earlier or music from their *origins* (early influences?)

Origins is the seventh full-length album released by God is an Astronaut and sees the band return to Rocket Girl records, who licensed the band’s breakthrough album, All is Violent, All is Bright in 2005. In the eight years since then, GIAA have continued to release albums on their own Revive Records (Far From Refuge, 2007, God is an Astronaut, 2008 and Age of the Fifth Sun, 2010), with limited promotion and yet still amassing a vast following on social media sites (150,000 fans on Facebook, half a million listeners on and touring extensively, establishing themselves as Ireland’s most intense, incandescent live act.

The new single ‘Spiral Code’ (rgirl99) will be released on 2nd Sept on Rocket Girl, followed by the full length ‘Origins’ (rgirl98) on 16th Sept

also their whole back catalog (6 albums) was remastered and released as a package earlier this year