Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dug Pinnick - Naked (2013)

"get naked on jan 13th"

Not a ton to add, although cool to learn about this along with the Pinnick Gales Pridgen album coming so early in the year. This is dropping on Sunday January 13th of all days. I have never been attached to his solo records, at least completely. Poundhound was interesting, and I found Strum Sum Up had a bunch of good tracks, but just from memory, I can't even recall which ones they were, lol. I just remember thinking it was 1 of his best records outside of King's X.

But my feeling is right now, the PGP thing I have higher hopes for, but this still should be worth hearing. These 2 videos/singles: I am at least assuming the 1st one 'What You Gonna Do?" will be on this album. I do like some of the subtle layering and psych harmonies within those heavy grooves just from hearing it once.
"Holiday" may be on the record, or just a track he made for the holidays, or a bonus song or something given  he made it for download on X-Mas.

This album Naked, I suspect will be just digital like those singles. But that along with the details of this record should be put up I'd think any day/hour now (unless it all comes on the 13th).