Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - Pinnick Gales Pridgen (2013)

1/23/13 5:22PM

new song/video "Hang On, Big Brother"

1/3/13 2:48AM

1 Collateral Damage 5:09
2 Angels and Aliens 6:16
3 For Jasmine 1:18
4 Hang On, Big Brother 5:08
5 Wishing Well 5:57
6 Hate Crime 3:09
7 Lascivious 5:18
8 Black Jeans 6:47
9 Sunshine of Your Love 6:53
10 Been So High (The Only Place to Go Is Down) 10:23
11 Me and You 4:45
12 The Greatest Love 5:45
13 Frightening 5:20

It’s often been said that three-piece bands are the most expressive and most balanced musical units known to the rock world. Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rush, The Police, Primus … These legendary acts struck upon the correct ratio of musicianship and progressive songwriting by exploring uncharted musical territories while highlighting the individual talents within their collective ranks. 

Now Magna Carta Records unveils Pinnick Gales Pridgen a visionary power trio (emphasis on power) and a supergroup to boot, which is sure to take its rightful place in rock’s hallowed halls. 

Pinnick Gales Pridgen show some of their influences with their brilliant version of seminal power trio Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”. Pinnick says, "Our version has a different vibe: it’s tuned down, real low.” 

As much as I can't stand, or have lacking supportive thoughts towards Magna Carta, even as many years after the garbage that went down with their people and musicians/bands I liked, it can be sort of water under the bridge at this point.

And as much as I love King's X and Doug, most of his solo (Strum Sum Up, Emotional Animal, Poundhound and sideprojects (Supershine among many others), while often not bad, haven't quite compared to King's X. The sample video above and the samples on the link below I'll admit, have got me pretty intrigued about this album/band/project.

And Thomas Pridgen, who has only played on 2 albums I have heard, from memory, both with The Mars Volta of course. And his work on Octahedron, I honestly, have very little to no memory of. Which leaves The Bedlam in Goliath, which his playing was fine, but the mix was god awful. But the guy obviously has the chops and experience outside of TMV, which for this album, I still wouldn't doubt his ability for this record.

And Eric Gales, the name is familiar but I honestly don't recall hearing any music from, from memory at this point. But in just reading a little about him, I guess his roots are in Jimi Hendrix-style blues rock since the early 1990s.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but those samples and video do sound rather intriguing about this album. Rather funky/bluesy hard rock of a kind. And the "Power Trio" as it emphasizes, which may suggest it does focus a lot on just songwriting and melodies with groove. Jimi Hendrix? yeah, I'm a fan. They even cover Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love," which of course Jimi was a Cream fan of course.

And the drop date for this album is soon, being on February 12th.