Monday, June 13, 2011

William Shatner to Guest Star on PSYCH!


I will save anyone from reading the story, since it says Psych returns next Fall which is false. Shatner's episode may air in the Fall, but the show returns for its 6th Season in July.

But more importantly, this is or could be a HUGE deal for Psych. And to me, being the Shatner-nerd and Psych-nerd (I make a little podcast called Psychic Crapfest by the way), these 2 iconic universes are colliding in the best (or worst) possible way.

The Shat was frankly, MADE for a show like Psych.

As far as the details, he's going to play Juliet's father, which honestly could be comedic gold. We'll see. A few potential lines:

Shat/Mr.O'Hara: "Julie (he calls her Julie, and not Jules or Juliet), how could you be involved with this guy who claims he's a Police Psychic, but isn't actually officially an officer of the Law?" "Didn't Ihhh instill in-yewwwww better judge-MEANT???"

Shawn: "Sir, I can assure you, I give her things no member of the Police Department can. Afterall, I learned much more than any of them about providing safety, growing up watching TJ Hooker"

Shat/Mr.O'Hara: "TJ what?...Son, I thought you were going to tell me you learned everything you know from watching Star Wars 27 times"

hehe...GOLD I tell ya. Potential, Comedic Gold.

And could it lead to a James Roday appearance on Raw Nerve? perhaps.

edit:Apparently the show is coming back in the Fall, not July?

Psych homepage

The world as Lassiter knew it just came to an end. What will he do now that he knows about Shawn & Juliet's relationship? Find out when new episodes of Psych return this fall!

I swear I read something about it's return in July, but o well. I'd like to see some kind of statement or explanation why, but my best guess is to allow some of the other USA Network Shows to be featured over the Summer, and have IT be featured in the Fall (and Winter).

It appears there is another new show this Summer on USA Network called "Necessary Roughness"

a show about a therapist who works for a Football team. The black actor whose on the team apparently I recognize Mehcad Brooks aka "Eggs" from True Blood.

Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Fairly Legal and of course White Collar, In Plain Sight and Covert Affairs already have returned for the Summer of 2011.

Weird, I hope this is a GOOD thing for Psych, but it also sort of feels like Psych is being singled out in a way. We'll see.

edit 2:
this story from as far back as April 12th, LOL.

USA Network's vice-president of program research Ted Linhart announced the news on his Twitter page.

Linhart explained that the show, which normally premieres in the summer, has been delayed to make way for new series Necessary Roughness and Suits, which was formerly known as A Legal Mind.

"We know fans [are] not happy," he wrote. "When we look at macro view something had to move & ironically Psych's strength last fall made it work."

He added: "We hope new shows are worth it - lifeblood of TV network is new shows."


1) Maybe I don't go to the Psych website or forum every day or week, but this should have been posted on some of the other forums I'm on. Or for that matter, what about ON YOUR NETWORK BUDDY?

2) why? Why couldn't one of the other shows be pushed back until the Fall? Oh, because Psych did well last fall, lol. Compared to what? How about this: you get your big brothers over at NBC to start airing Psych instead, lol.

I will say now just thinking about this, this REEKS of the COMCRAP buyout that my co-host on the PsychicCrapfest mentioned months ago.

Here's a potential scenario and quotes:

"Hi, I'm from Comcast. With the new Comcast/NBC agreement, we're deciding to make some changes around here at the USA Network. We like what you guys have been doing at USA, so much, we want to add not 1 but 2 more new shows, and try and make more with some up-coming people (less payroll, more profit). So, I think the best thing is to take the show we know has the best following and established viewership and move it back for awhile so we can squeeze in more new programs (product).

We'll see, new shows are how this Network is working we think. Psych seems like the show to push back a bit given its history. The break might be good for the fans, as they'll miss it more. And they can then get into those new shows that hopefully will follow suit like the other shows on this network.

This idea is something we've noticed NBC itself does often, with success at times. Some of the shows that don't make it are a necessary casualty, but we think with a great Cable Network like USA, those ratings demands and returned viewership won't lead to something like that. And even if so, our newer, more affordable shows will more than makeup for any lower ratings and profit that has been seen and expected in the past from Psych."

so yeah. If this somehow backfires, uh, this Comcast agreement I heard about a few months ago will be the obvious 1st culprit for ruining my favorite show on TV.