Friday, May 13, 2011

RE-Post: another new dredg interview

here's the link that was lost due to blogger's meltdown

So assuming that old post will not be recovered, I'll try and rehash what was said, which wasn't a lot.

Good interview with Gavin Hayes and Mark Engles of dredg; mostly about how and why they worked with Dan the Automator and how/why Chuckles came out how it did.

Also how they keep referring to their last album as "Pariah." All the people who keep calling it "Parrot" and "Delusion" need to take note of that. Even "TPTPTD" doesn't really seem the right way to refer to it as a short name. Semantics? maybe to a point, but when the band member continue to call it "Pariah" the fans who don't should take note.

I also might add it still is not easy to see them refer to struggling to pay their rent/mortage. dredg have been around for 17 years, and over a decade since their 1st album. They also could have release a lot more than 5 albums at this point. They should be past the point of living check-2-check. But it's a product of the economic times, but also just a symptom of a band whose almost too goo for the masses to fully embrace. Could it happen? sure, but the odds seem remote, at least to the level of some of their peers like The Mars Volta and Muse. Maybe in 10 years we'll see that happen.