Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grammatics are good, but The Stiletto Formal are better

tis a fact.

Funny thing about Grammatics is, I knew about them way back in October, but nobody had ever heard their name then. Look on RichTaylor's comments on rateyourmusic, and you'll see I asked if he was familiar with them then.

Now all of a sudden, like a dozen more people on the 5/8 are going apeshit over them. Which, ultimately, I'm fine with, as I do like them, and only want to see them have success.

But sorry, that Stiletto Formal album from last year is (to use a seemingly new cliche) shitton better than the self-titled album Grammatics released a few months ago.

We're talking about 1 band whose made a mid-to-high 70's album, to another whose now approached the mid 90's.

If Grammatics are Aereogramme, then The Stiletto Formal are dredg.

But of course, to go along with a handful of others, the level of interest in The Stiletto Formal on the 5/8 is nowhere near what it has become, seemingly overnight, in Grammatics.

Wonderful 5/8. Numbers don't lie, but I have 9 months worth of time being addicted to "Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!" to not question this.

It sort of feels like some of the other comparisons, but the evidence is there: Apes and Androids, Bend Sinister, Soundscape, House of Fools. As great as a community in terms of depth of taste the 5/8 is, it's not without failure.

Go listen to the superior band

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