Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr. Who, Sufjan Stevens

just a minute or two to get this down.

Dr.Who's 1st special other than the X-Mas Invasion, airs on BBC America on Sunday. "Planet of the Dead"

with the Torchwood events this week, and Dr.Who, it's sort of a reprise of the Dr.Who universe of late after many months of dormancy. I even went to a Dr.Who party/episode viewing thing last week.

Sufjan Stevens new LP is called "Run Rabbit Run" and is being released on October 6th.

there's also this bit I noticed on a forum earlier about a dvd and audio-visual thing involving a Brooklyn Freeway

Back in October of 2007, Sufjan Stevens debuted The BQE—a visual and musical homage to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway—at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in downtown Brooklyn. Originally commissioned by BAM for the Next Wave Festival, the BQE featured three simultaneous film projections, a 35-piece band and orchestra, and live hula hoopers for a 3-night run.

One week following the performances, Sufjan and his orchestra went into the studio to record the soundtrack, but afterwards, feeling disenfranchised by the magnitude of the universe, Sufjan decided to shelve the project. Until now. Two years later, Sufjan found inspiration to mix the music, edit the video and expand the project to include photographs, liner notes, a comic book, and a stereoscopic image reel—a multi-media package that attempts to render this much-loathed urban expressway into a conscionable work of art.

The release date is set for October 20, 2009. The double-disc album will include the original film on DVD, the original soundtrack on CD, a 40-page booklet (with photos and liner notes), and a stereoscopic image reel (aka View-Master®), created by illustrator Stephen Halker.

The limited edition vinyl is available as a double gatefold and includes the soundtrack on 180-gram vinyl, a large-scale 32-page booklet with liner notes and photographs, and a 40-page Hooper Heroes comic book.

And on October 24, 92YTribeca will host a release party for The BQE. This will include a showing of the film as well as a performance from string quartet Osso (playing selections from Run Rabbit Run), the recently-announced re-imagining of Sufjan's Enjoy Your Rabbit. Roberto C. Lange (aka Helado Negro) will DJ. Tickets go on sale Thursday, July 23rd for $12.

And in September, Sufjan will be playing at the ATP (All Tommorow's Parties) in New York, alongside Crystal Castles, Super Furry Animals, and Boris.

edit: ok not seeing the info until now, it is just a remix album, which I'm not usually too high-on. But the BQE piece of news is certainly noteworthy. Although maybe he's abandoned the States-concept album project? he should do a song for each State maybe?

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