Sunday, March 17, 2019

Queensryche: Another Rainy Night (Without You)

I just saw Queensryche last night and also this past week checked out the Prog Report's Top 5 Queensryche songs with Eddie Trunk podcast which went on for 1 hour and 42 minutes.

And both that podcast along with the show last night, this stellar poppy hard rock tune was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND???

I know when I got into Queensryche in the mid 90's and got the VHS video they released with all their official videos came out, this definitely was one that STOOD OUT.

I mean beyond "Silent Lucidity," this to me seemed the obvious, radio-hit. And I thought it was, but even checking Wiki, it didn't chart as "Jet City Woman" which I have always preferred this to. I still like JCW (although the video they showed last night, I wonder why the woman isn't wearing like a Green or Green+Yellow dress since Seattle not only is the "Jet City" but the "Emerald City" .. the timing would have been good too per the fact it's St.Patrick's day weekend).

Anyway, I dunno if the band and the fan base never were as into this tune as much as JCW or the title track to Empire, but I certainly am. Not that it's my favorite 'Ryche or even off Empire, but it's a very memorable, catchy track that I would think would be more appreciated than it appears now.

edit: Wiki for the Single

The fact Geoff Tate wrote it may have something to do with why they didn't (don't?) play it. But I would assume there are many other songs they do play live still, that he wrote, I dunno. I'd have to see the songwriting credits.