Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Dear Hunter late Autumn 2017 tour with THE FAMILY CREST!


We will be heading out on the road this winter with & ! Tickets go on sale this Friday. Where will we see you?

Would LUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHVVVVVVVV to see this tour of course, and there is a Chicago date on December 8th. More dates? a little skeptical based on the free days in that calendar and required travel days.

I dunno if it'll be do-able both from a budget standpoint and more importantly, the wife not making issue (like we would have to plan another trip or 2 as well).

But regardless if I am able to see this tour, I am SUPER EXCITED for The Family Crest to get on a tour with The Dear Hunter. When I saw them a couple of months ago, I mentioned The Dear Hunter and I know some of the band know them, but not sure if they all do.

But the 2 touring together makes a shit-ton of sense musically and fan-appeal. I gotta believe a lot of The Dear Hunter fans have never heard TFC and could go for them. So at least I am curious to see online what kind of reaction the fans get about both bands.

VAVA? I've never heard of, but will have to check out as well.