Monday, September 18, 2017

RIP Mike Portnoy's FORUM

Well, the time has finally come...
I have been contemplating this for a while now and feel it's time to finally move on.
In this age of interactive social media outlets, there are plenty of other platforms for us to all gather info and have discussions and I will always be around watching and participating there. (Facebook & Twitter) 
The Forum will remain read-only and all threads will remain archived (including my Prog Blog and all of my Hero Of The Day posts from the late 90's and early 00's)
I will continue to post tour dates and release dates as they come in as well as keeping the tourography up to date.
Thanks MaBrown, Weymolith, Nippett, Painted Skies and all of YOU who were a part of The Forum for almost 20 years!  

Luv, MP  

I don't of course have the time to post even a fraction of my thoughts about this right now as I only have about 13 minutes left in my break.

So I guess the best thing to do is either plan a lengthly EDIT later, or just write another, more appropriate entry tonight or maybe not until tomorrow.

The reason Mike Portnoy's Forum is being Shutdown or more accurately, LOCKED i.e. No More New Posts will be made, but still all the available history is READABLE and SEARCHABLE I believe. Largely per the topic about Sons of Apollo having too many negative comments. And as stated at the top

The Forum is now read-only 14 hrs. ago

Due to the rise of social media all updates can now be found by following Mike on FaceBook or Twitter.
But I guess the only thing to add for now is what I posted on the dtf
I was on there (angra1) as a poster since February of 2000 (Rane among others, joined the same month).

It has been shutdown before, but for some reason this feels different.

Will have to give a more detailed commentary in allmediareviews later today.

End of an era I guess. The history still exists at least.

And like some other forums that RIP, there is a FB group for it for those interested.