Thursday, September 7, 2017

George Michael News

Facebook Link to Clip w/ Nile Rodgers 

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Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged Album George Michael

Per being married to a woman whose pretty obsessed with George and especially since him dying last Christmas, this is great news to finally see some activity from his estate.

Nile Rodgers was supposed to work with him not long after he died per he had been to dinner? or at least seen him like 2 days before he died in London.

The album they were meaning to make may have demos that with some work, would be worth releasing.

The documentary? can't find anything yet on it, but with some activity, I wonder if that won't be too far away (maybe around X-Mas?).

The Listen Without Prejudice Deluxe version my wife really wants is finally up to preorder there. 

CD, Vinyl, Digital, etc. Amazon CD link here 

October 20th it shows as a release date.