Thursday, September 7, 2017

MEW: Artists recommended like/for fans of them (RIYL/FFO)

Ok, so this is the 1st one of these.

It ended up relatively long, and with blurbs. And I'm sure more names I'm not including will come up, which maybe I'll edit this, or maybe make a 2nd, etc (a Chamber Rock entry I've decided needs to be made in general).

But I can't say if the blurbs especially will continue, especially since I can see many of these being MUCH LONGER in terms of artists. Twitter-length or less and maybe or maybe not a link/youtube video.

I guess I'll see.

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Mew are a great band who while when I 1st got into them, I found their music reminded me of some music I was familiar with and liked (namely Sigur Ros), I came to feel they were pretty distinct. Their style of Dream Pop/Rock mixed with progressive rock really stood out.

But I did come to discover other bands who shared varying levels of similarities, most of which I enjoy to different degrees.

Team Me: Norway's answer to Mew in a lot of ways. The songwriting (and the energy namely) is what works for me even if they remind me of Mew in a lot of ways.

Jazzkamikaze: Also from Denmark, their 1 album with vocals (that I know of) that is more rock-like, 2010's Supersonic Revolutions is a lot like a Jazzy-version of Mew (or like if The Reign of Kindo has a vocalist like Jonas Bjerre). The closing track "Acropolis" almost seems like the sequel to "Comforting Sounds."

I will include the fact they have some albums/eps I've yet to hear, that may be like Supersonic Revolutions. But the others I did hear were largely instrumental Jazz albums (albeit pretty good though).

Also to note, Marius Neset of Jazzkamikaze, plays saxophone on the new Mew album Visuals.

Deas Veil - the Album All the Houses Look the Same uses some synths and has atmosphere that reminds me of Mew, maybe mostly from Frengers. The vocals, while not identical, are higher pitched like Jonas from Mew. I am a bit slighted with them as I haven't listened to their music in many years. I recall the follow-up album Birds and Cages not being as good, but it is actually rated higher on rateyourmusic. And they followed that one with a Self-Titled album, but that one is not rated as high as the previous 2. Maybe they differ most from Mew being "emo" or even Christian at points, like the band Mae? Regardless, worth checking out if you want to hear music similar to Mew.

edit: songs "Surface," "Shoreline," and "Shadow and City Lights"

Time of Orchids - This band is mostly on here per the vocalist at times sounds like Jonas Bjerre. And the fact they are definitely experimental and progressive. But they probably have more differences than similarities. However, they are (or were) an incredible band, namely if you like experimental, quirky and schizophrenic rock music.

Fields - "Anglo-Icelandic" band. The debut album Everything Last Winter that came in 2007 was quite good, and it reminded me of Pure Reason Revolution a lot, but also Mew in some ways. The Dreamy element with some of the bass riffs. A 2nd album was to come in 2009 I think, and it was recorded, with demos on their myspace page, but unfortunately, it wasn't to be per the record label dropped them literally a month or less than the release date in March from memory.

Dreamy vocals between male and female. I even recall on the Mew forum, some people talking about Fields.

Pure Reason Revolution - They're likely going to have to have their own RIYL/FFO, and a larger percentage of Mew fans know them per them touring together and just a common suggestion in the mid/late 2000's.

On paper, the Dreamy moments, namely with the vocal harmonies and some of the trippy layers and textures are what they share most in common. Also a pop element I suppose.

I suppose they largely just fall under being such a good band who have elements that they share enough, and are done well enough, that Mew fans very easily could like them.

Kimbra - She's a huge fan (even addressing her fans online as "Frengers" at times). And she even guested on Plus/Minus (as well as Jonas guest vocals on a bonus track on her last album The Golden Echo)

Musically, progressive/dream pop/rock in a general sense is similar. She uses a lot of falsetto vocals as well. I suppose it's hard to not say or think she's influenced by them, just listening to many of her songs.

Carpark North - This name I guess falls in here largely per I know there was a large percentage of fans among Mew fans. It probably helps that they are also from Denmark (like Jazzkamikaze),

Musically, I only was lukewarm about them. And I don't know how much their sound really shares in common with Mew, but large numbers of taste of a fan base should be worth something.

Paper Route - I'm mainly including this band in that after a couple of really good EPs, they released a debut album that had some moments I thought about Mew. Although they would be more recommended for fans of Mutemath (a band they opened for). I guess with some falsetto vocals including harmonies, and use of synths, I can't help but think some Mew fans may enjoy them.

Sadly, after those original EPs, my interest kind of dwindled. But I guess even just for those EPs, they would be worth checking out.

Dream Pop/Rock.

Crying - I stumbled upon this band within the last couple of months. I don't recall mentioning them in here, although I may have dropped their name once, I can't remember.

They received a fair amount of comparisons to Mew where I saw their name, on the rym message board.

At any case, they have a female singer who does actually sound somewhat like Jonas, but at the same time, has her own voice. A bit like Time of Orchids in a way.

Their music? beyond the vocals, is like Mew in that it uses progressive rock in some ways, and textures. However, the jury is out for me, partially per I hear a lot of Mathrock and 'core elements at points. Why I was not grabbed hugely by them, but I have only heard their debut album Beyond the Fleeting Gales once, and mean to give it more time.

But just based on my perception and the content online about Mew with them, I would guess they would appeal to at least some Mew fans.

Agent Fresco - like Sigur Ros and Fields, they come from Iceland I guess. And they are a band who with their last record, Destrier, they received a fair amount of buzz and with that, comparisons to among others like (22 and The Reign of Kindo), Mew.

I am on the fence about them. I assumed I would really love them, but got a bit lost in their last record, expecting brilliance. And if/when it came, it was so subtle, I struggled to need to go back to it. But unlike some other bands, I kind of think the jury is still a bit out on them.

But per the people who love them, comparing them to Mew, I guess they are a band to not miss in this list. And perhaps with some time, I may feel more strongly about them and even the Mew comparisons, etc.

Astronoid - I'm including this band, even though when I was suggested/saw their name in 2016, Mew's name came up quite a bit. They were saying their music was like if Mew were doing Black Metal.

And, to be honest, that description or the Blackgaze/Metalgaze that is happy in a way, with that contrast, is not bad. But I just found the combination and maybe more so, just the songwriting and PRODUCTION from memory, not working too well for me.

But it did for others, so they are worth including as a suggestion I suppose. They're not the only Metal /Core band I recall within the last few years who Mew's name got mentioned with.

VOLA also is a band whose debut album Inmazes received many Mew name drops. But instead of Black Metal like Astronoid, they combined Djent and some other styles of rock and metal with the Mew-like Dream Prog/Pop.

And like Astronoid, the mix and songs just lost me. The mixing and production from memory, may also have. But like Astronoid, their was enough Mew name dropping from people who enjoy them, they probably deserve a recommendation to some Mew fans who also like Metal.