Monday, July 17, 2017

Joey Eppard (Three/Solo) Q and A (Summer 2017)

Facebook Link 

I'm posting this with the hope that it's completely available to the public.

This Q and A that Joey did on Facebook on Saturday afternoon was per the Alien Angels 3 Fan Group.

Just to summarize, he talks about the solo record he is working on and working on new Three music. The solo album ("Word to the Wise") would likely come out before the next Three album. But there's some new Three music being worked on as well.

And he has written many songs, but many are not finished (either writing or just the recording of them).

No real projection on the timing of his solo album. But he gets only like 1 hour a day to work on his music, whereas he used to have a lot more time, etc.


The songs from the 2014 1-song per month thing may come out in on Three album in the future (not necessarily their next studio record).

Ani Di Franco, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Opeth, Dream Theater, Victor Wooten, and Elliot Smith among other names he talked about as being a fan of, or inspired by, etc.

Also there was a Comic for Paint By Number that was never really finished. But the artwork is taken from part of that. And I guess the album is out of print and hard to come by now. I thankfully have a copy for myself.

I wish someone might have asked him about Vinyl (Three albums), but maybe another time soon.

Also the next Three album might be helped by crowd-funding (the question mentioned Kickstarter, but I would suggest Pledgemusic I guess).

Oh and cool to learn that Dug Pinnick of King's X is a fan and saw Three with Porcupine Tree when they toured together and hit Houston. I'm surprised Three and King's X never tried to tour together after that, but maybe they could? Porcupine Tree and King's X I know toured together at 1 point as well. I wonder if that was a result of Dug having seen PT live at that show?

edit: just googling, the King's X PT tour was in 2009, and I recall Three opened for PT before Progressive Nation in 2008, so perhaps.