Friday, July 14, 2017

Mutemath - Play Dead (2016-2017)

7/14/17 11:25AM

2nd new track "Stroll On" which I like, but not as much as Hit Parade.

Preorder Page 


Release date for the standard album is September 8th.

per this Facebook Update
Limited Edition Deluxe LP on Opaque Orange Vinyl + Bundle Packages available Wednesday 7/19.

Not sure how that will work, and it honestly makes a leak of this album predictable to be sooner. On the other hand, all the so-called journalists who receive promos early (of course not myself) likely won't be the 1st to hear it. Or at least ahead of those bundle preorders.

1 Hit Parade 5:15   
2 Pixie Oaks
3 Stroll On 3:57  
4 Break The Fever
5 Nuisance
6 Placed On Hold
7 Everything's New
8 War
9 Achilles Heel
10 Marching To The End

6/6/17 11:47AM
New Mutemath album Play Dead.

1st single "Hit Parade" below. I'll be honest, I noticed this pop-up in my YouTube feed and didn't recognize the title, but thought it was an old song.

It is sort of, in that Paul posted on twitter the band had been tweaking it here and there live I guess for awhile.

How this new album will compare/be received? I dunno as I know a lot of fans who didn't like the more electronic-driven Vitals from 2015. Personally, I still enjoyed that record a lot, so I'm not concerned.

'Hit Parade' - The new single off MUTEMATH's forthcoming record 'Play Dead' - Out Now: