Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fjokra - Bang on the Door [1B] (2017)

Holy Crap! Too much impatience to wait until later.

Dig it, especially the little accordion section towards the end.

it seems Annie Bea is becoming rather involved in the vocal arrangements if you consider this new one and the single "Sick Kids" from a few months back (posted below). I dig her contrast to Fjokra.

And with this, 2 new singles in 3 months. Can't complain, although I wonder if the video/singles route could be easiest right now. A bit like The Reign of Kindo or other bands in the past (3, Pure Reason Revolution, Revere come to mind among others).

I'm also still hoping "Evening Lights" will be on the radar of course from that BBC Radio London Introducing from last Winter.

But man, great to get another new song and video from Fjokra.

From the Description:
Published on Jul 19, 2017
The official video from Fjokra for their new single 'Bang On The Door' digitally available on July 21st!

Videographer/editor/director - Ben K Adams

Special thanks to; Nic Kozubik, Gav Mc and Olly Andrews.

Fjokra comprise of Annie Bea; vocalist, percussionist, Freddie Draper; bass, Jack Richardson; guitar and Filippo Galli, drummer and Fi; main vocalist, visionary and writer along with garbage lids and lots of sticks and things that would not normally appear on stage with any average band.

Instagram: https:/