Thursday, June 2, 2016

OT: Little umpdate (June 2nd 2016)

So my Laptop of 2 years and 5 months met its end on Tuesday afternoon. Why? I know it wasn't per not upgrading to Windows 10 (per the word of the store I bought it). Best guess was, hard drive space and too much flash media perhaps.

At any case, I purchased a new Laptop of course, smaller, faster, with Windows 7. And I thought I'd lost my whole HD, as I have been procrastinating and lazy about backing stuff up.

Turns out thought, the place who recycled my old Laptop, removed the Hard Drive, and gave it to me, did retain all the data. Twas a huge relief last night to learn. I had been unable to find the data, per it slipped my mind the folder to look into (Users -> User).

That and another CC issue. My Bank ends up limiting purchase amounts on the evenings of the last day of the month to $500. Something I had yet to learn in nearly a decade with them.

But on the media side, as I mentioned in that small update video I made last week, I will have Tuesdays 1/2 a day off. So I leave work at 10:30-11AM-ish.

-Nostalgia for Matinees (going back to 2005-2009-ish)
-Other much needed work.
-Wedding work
-Looking for a new Car
-Looking for a new residence (will be in July of 2017 though now)

and any number of other things. I just hope the drain/tradeoff of 9+ hours 4 days week doesn't catchup to me and I regret this change in schedule. But it is only for the Summer too.

Lot of stuff coming on Yewtewb and the blog hopefully. New albums coming soon (Fates Warning, Dream the Electric Sleep and Pain of Salvation notably).

Also on June 26th, I'll be doing a 40th Birthday Wave Project on KFAI.