Monday, June 20, 2016


Yeah, I'm officially over the bloody hill now, lol.

I can use this just to announce I am doing a special WAVE Project on KFAI next Sunday as a retrospective on my life with music. Really just a microcosm as to cram in 40 or really 26-35 years of being a fan of music into 40 minutes (+20 minutes of babbling), of course is just scratching a tiny little surface.

What I hope to try and do, and I hope it doesn't cause a lot of talking-too-fast, is to tell the story/my story among all the music I got into in my life. The select few tracks I will be playing are obviously going to be favorites songs and artists. But sort of representing periods of time I guess in some ways.

I.e. I may only play 4-6 songs, but I hopefully will talk or at least mention dozens of musical artists within this limited 1-hour special.

Next Sunday June 26th at 11AM Central on KFAI, and archived for 2 weeks after to stream or download.

As for today?the usual mini-golf, music shopping, lunch deal sadly, but still enjoyable.

One of these years I will actually get back on the golf course and play actual golf, even at just an executive or par-3.

But 40 years, I can officially say I'm not that young anymore, at least numerically.

Oh and I just found this cool, somewhat rare item today at Know Name Records.