Friday, June 24, 2016

Archive - The False Foundation (2015-2016)

I haven't checked this one out just yet, but with another calendar year, and another Archive album coming, there's no questioning how prolific they are. I checked an interview with Steven Wilson per YouTube the other day and he mentioned how up until the early 90's, artists would always release at least 1 album a year. So it's not that weird. Kevin Gilbert used to say the same thing. A professional musician should be able to spend 12 months writing/recording etc to release an album (10 songs I recall he mentioned).

That being the case, the best thing Archive has done in recent years, I think was Axiom and Controlling Crowds before that. I did enjoy Restriction from 2015 as well, although the whole electronic/industrial thing I think maybe is a work in progress for them, in that I am waiting for them to put out something better. Although CC is 1 of my favorite records of the last 5-10 years certainly.

The video below for "Driving in Nails" and the Preorder for the October 7th release is linked on their site.

 photo 510eabef-3872-48a2-a505-2334d074dea9_zpsjs8fviip.png
1. Blue Faces
2. Driving In Nails
3. The Pull Out
4. The False Foundation
5. Bright Lights
6. A Thousand Thoughts
7. Splinters
8. Sell Out
9. Stay Tribal
10. The Weight Of The World
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