Friday, February 19, 2016

Jolly: JOLLY Kills Steven Wilson (Animated Prog Rock Parody)

This was posted about a month ago, so it's not exactly in-the-now per say, but I also am not sure how circulated it got when it was shared.

At any case, it is worth a laugh or 2, especially with some of the progressive rock name dropping: Mike Portnoy, Devin Townsend, James LaBrie and Steven Wilson of course, among others I may not have noticed.

I guess my only criticism would be the squirrel and the graphic art of that, I may have gone for not including. That and I thought of an alternative plot about Steven, where there's a JUKEBOX, and knowing he is not a fan of ipods and the jukebox/shuffle mentality for music; have it be setup that he or someone wants to have a hit song of his played on a Jukebox somewhere. And after dialing it up, it fails to play his song. Steven gets so peeved by it, he ends up taking it out on the Jukebox and shaking it so profusely, it ends up collapsing on him.

But, maybe that's MY progressive rock parody, lol.

Props to the JOLLY guys, especially Louis Abramson. And I'm looking forward to the next and all future episodes of this series (and their new album, which I have yet to check out the 1st single, but should soon).