Friday, February 12, 2016

Cloud Cult - The Seeker (2015-2016) [Album+Film] 1st Single 10/23/15

2/12/16 10:19AM
I just wanted to bump this as the album is released finally today.
Here's Amazon's link

And I saw the film actually the other night at The Riverview Theater, which was beautiful yet incredibly heart-wrenching.

Per time of course, I should try and film a video or 2 about Cloud Cult, 1 about The Seeker album and especially the film.

The other, hopefully about their history/my history, which is somewhat well documented in this blog, but obviously not on YouTube.

This new album and the film has gotten me back thinking about them the last few days. I'd say maybe what I just wrote on their Facebook Wall has something to do with that.


hey, I just wanted to congratulate you guys on Album release day today. And seeing the film the other night. I honestly cannot get many parts of it out of my head. Namely "You Never Were Alone," totally gets me every-time I hear it now. That scene in the film where Grace is running and seeing her dad is breathtaking. I was in tears at the theater the other night, and still find myself in the same way when listening to it. You guys may have written and filmed one of the saddest/most melancholy things I've ever come across.

12/4/15 6:21AM
Stream "Through the Ages"

Really good tune. I haven't been able to even see every update via the Pledgemusic campaign that I should have due to time and discipilne, but I mean, namely during the week I have off coming up in a little over a week. But I'm pretty excited for this record and film, more than I was before.

10/23/15 6:10AM
Story with Stream to "No Hell"

It also says Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother, will be in the film, which has no dialogue. I imagine it'll be a bit like the Marillion Brave film, with the music on with the actors going through the story. That story has some quotes from Craig Minowa and the story or concept behind The Seeker being about the life of a girl.

Josh Radnor of course, is a noted big fan of Cloud Cult, so that doesn't come as a huge surprise.

"No Hell" of course, also is download-able with a preorder/pledge.

10/22/15 2:07PM

The Seeker, Looks and sounds intriguing, I doubt it has any reference to the song by The Who though. The Seeker is coming out in multiple formats, including for the 1st time ever, VINYL (recycled..CC have been noted as to against Vinyl per the environmental issues that the manufacturing can create, but maybe Recycled is more friendly?..I'd love to see/purchase a lot of their more recent albums, on recycled vinyl at least..Light Chasers namely).

A New song is coming tomorrow 10/23, so I'll have to bump/edit this entry when that happens tomorrow.

February 2016 is when this sucker drops though. I did *love* a number of tracks on their last record Love from 2013...Pretty excited.

Preorder “The Seeker” and you'll get weekly downloads from our forthcoming album and film starting now!

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