Friday, August 21, 2015

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (short videos)

Here's some short little clips I shot during Joyce and my trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night in Cleveland as part of a private party with a boatload of desserts for the Archive Conference she is attending this week/weekend here in Cleveland.

We only had a couple of hours, so that is partly why they aren't longer I suppose, and I was trying to conserve battery and space in my camera.

I took a lot more pics which are on my personal Facebook page, and I imagine are not visible to those aren't friends with me on there.

But I'll try and share per uploading onto Photobucket I guess.

here's 1 (Janelle Monae's jacket and shoes).

 photo DSC01048_zpsuiymiqsf.jpg

As far as the Rock Hall itself, maybe not now, but perhaps in the next week or less, I may give a bit of a review about it, having now finally seen it, etc.

1 other note of course that I took a photo that's on Facebook, 2 Kevin Glbert connections are there, 1 being a LYRIC sheet for the Sheryl Crow song "No One Said It Would Be East" (which the title makes me think of the Cloud Cult song, which has absolutely no connection I don't believe).

And the fact there was a Herb Ritts exhibit featured there last night/currently, since of course Kevin or Johnny Virgil  mentions Herb Ritts in the song "Certifiable #1 Smash" which I'll admit to never having heard his name before then. But the Madonna connection with Ritts and Kevin's work with Madonna on the Dick Tracy soundtrack along with the Toy Matinee song "Queen of Misery" kind of follows how Kevin could have known about Ritts directly (if not also knowing the videos he made with her among many others).