Monday, August 3, 2015

Everything Everything - Get to Heaven (2014-2015)

8/3/15 5:38AM

New video for "Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread."

Nice costumes and the video almost is like an anti-environment (or sarcastic) song.

I just noticed how I never really gave my take on this album in here. And I can now, per I have been listening to Get to Heaven a ton the last month or so, and it's bloody brilliant at times. It may be their best record actually. Melodic, great energy, especially the 1st 5 or 6 tracks.

I'd love to see them live as I'm pretty addicted to this album.

4/30/15 2:16PM
The release date for this album is June 15th. Kind of skeptical that is the cover art, but it's showing on a bunch of sites including iTunes and Wikipedia. It is notice-able the faces (or lack of them) within the black which is kind of clever.

As for the new songs posted below, "Regret" is pretty catchy. Although I guess from last hearing them, I liked Arc from 2013, but never got attached to it like their debut Man Alive from 2010. I guess why I'm kind of only luke warm about the prospects of this new record.

What I really could go for is a NORTH AMERICAN TOUR that of course COMES TO MINNESOTA. But I suppose a new album can only increase the odds of that for these guys.

File:Get to Heaven Everything Everything.jpg

1 To The Blade
2 Distant Past 3:41
3 Get To Heaven
4 Regret
5 Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread
6 The Wheel (Is Turning Now)
7 Fortune 500
8 Blast Doors
9 Zero Pharaoh
10 No Reptiles
11 Warm Healer