Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On and Off-Topic Update (as brief as possible..YouTube esp)

This is just a bit of microcosmic-explanation to myself if not anyone else about things of late.

YouTube: The last month or so, I've become more addicted to finding YouTube channels, and also with the help of a cool online tool, I have been able to check audio of many of them at work. I may forget some, but just to name some names:

00Jets aka "Superior Reviews"
Ministry of Music
2 Metal Heads
Manifold Curiosity
The Album Man
That is the Plan
Superior Isotope (aka Insignia Reviews)
The Prog Report

some others I'm not remembering at the moment. But I gotta say, I'm pretty hooked on these, mostly music/album/band reviews. especially those 1st 3. I guess I wish I could thank them, but by watching and commenting and even just mentioning it in here, I suppose that is in a way.

But in this process, more people subscribed to my channel, and I feel bad about my lack of videos of late.

Why? the obvious of time. It seems I make videos when I am on PTO or some other motivated reason. Or for a new release I love, which there have been a few here and there (Everything Everything..and now Gatherer and the Pneumatic Transit coming soon).

I also have a shit ton of vinyl of course I've never shown. But time of course. Making videos is a project, and when you are in a relationship and have a FT job + OT. Plus planning stuff like a wedding and trying to find a new place to live. And not to discount my current employer is going through a possible transition, that could impact me in a significant way soon.

Anyway, I do want to try and make some review videos soon. Next week I am off, but I also am going to Cleveland on Wednesday until Sunday with the fiancee for an important conference for her career pursuits.

We will be hitting the Rock Hall though, which as much as I like many, have plenty of issues with it (and the artists inducted, and the lack of so many others), I still am looking forward to it. But that also may not mean making videos on that trip in terms of reviews. I will be with my cousins, and thankfully helping keep the cost of this trip down. I will probably owe them more than whatever my fiancee and I can treat them to/for when we are there. At least 1 night of dinner, etc.

So, to wrap this up, I hopefully will find more activity soon with YouTube and even in here. I am actually thinking of making as short as possible, Retro-favorite by-Year Videos. Maybe starting when I get to or finish 1974, which isn't too far away hopefully as I am in the middle of writing up 1972 right now.

Again, thanks guys for making your YouTube videos (and for helping me pass my time at work), and thank you for subscribing to my hopefully soon to be more-active YouTube channel.