Friday, August 14, 2015

Foals - What Went Down (2014-2015)

8/14/15 6:42AM

Little mini doc. Love the music, love the footage. Pretty much love it all.

8/6/15 2:10PM

another new track "A Knife in the Ocean."

Thumbs up.

Very dreamy and thick, wall-of-sound-ish and an epic album closer.

7/30/15 6:23AM

Holy fuck, this is a pretty crazy, interactive video experience. You can control the image of this video throughout. Very cool!

7/20/15 1:48PM

Great new track "Mountain At My Gates"!

6/16/15 8:15PM

Official video for the title track. Rather intense. I'm loving the dreamy bridge. Overall, I do wonder about the sound on this record. How if not extremely heavier, it may just come across more angry, pissed off, or at least just more overtly edge-y

Then again, some of the early singles from Holy Fire seemed like a departure, yet it still sounded like Foals and ended up good.

6/11/15 5:53AM-12:02PM

yep. I hope the title isn't suggesting anything bad. Another Summer release to look forward to and obviously it's coming out before the Halloween deadline.

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1. What Went Down
2. Mountain At My Gates
3. Birch Tree
4. Give It All
5. Albatross
6. Snake Oil
7. Night Swimmers
8. London Thunder
9. Lonely Hunter
10. A Knife In The Ocean

In stores 28 August. Pre-order available 16 June.

New album is in the works, although I honestly was not expecting one until 2016.We'll see if this upcoming record this video is suggesting comes out before Halloween.

Regardless though, I'm certainly looking forward to it, even if Holy Fire was not as addictive as their other 2 albums, it still was pretty good.

Love Foals.