Thursday, June 12, 2014

On KFAI Radio's "In Your Ear" 6/12/14

should be available (STREAM and DOWNLOAD) until June 26th until 1:59AM

The Family Crest - Beneath the Brine - Beneath the Brine - Tender Loving Empire
Anathema - Ariel - Distant Satellites - Kscope
Forest Park - Golden - Forest Park [EP] - S/R
Miracles of Modern Science - Dear Pressure - MEEMS - S/R
Queen - March of the Black Queen - Queen II - EMI
sElf - Ordinaire - Gizmodgery - Spongebath Records
Bruce Peninsula - Steamroller - A Mountain is a Mouth - Outside Music
Shadow Gallery - Floydian Memories - Room V (Special Edition) - Insideout Music
Time of Orchids - All I Ever Wish - Sarcast While - Tzadik
Time of Orchids - Whim - Sarcast While - Tzadik
Team Me - Show Me - To the Treetops - Propeller Recordings
Jazzkamikaze - Bring Back Spring - Supersonic Revolutions - SevenSeas Music
Foals - Spanish Sahara - Total Life Forever - Transgressive Records

*Shels: various clips from Plains of the Purple Buffalo

Good show. Just me. In some ways easier for me, but who knows how much that has to do with it.

The Midnight-2AM thing on a weeknight? who knows when the next time will be.