Friday, June 20, 2014

Brice Plays Drums - ProgTagonist (2014)

6/20/14 9:00AM

The whole thing has been up for awhile on their bandcamp. I never got around to looking/grabbing the embed. But anyway, there it is. Of course it can be downloaded and I wouldn't be surprised if the CD can be purchased from the band as I have about 4 copies still from the release.

How is it? I like it, but not as much as Man the Animal Cannon at this point. It is just outside my top 5 as I posted above. My favorite track probably still is the opening 9+ minute piece "Sisyphus."

5/17/14 1:06PM

After seeing them perform the whole thing last night, I'm finally this afternoon checking out the studio version (although so typically, I don't foresee being able to listen to the whole thing given my plans for the day revolve around the gf, but we'll see).

.I'll hopefully add more later

1. Sisyphus 9:46
2. An Onion 1:05
3. Alyosha 7:45
4. Ramses 9:36
5. Gemini 10:43
6. When Lions Meet Bears 5:45

4/25/14 12:15AM

Track One! "Sisyphus" Some tasty work on here having just streamed it a couple of times already. this piece isn't a dramatic departure from the Man the Animal Cannon work, but that material is so good, I can't find any reason to not dig this as much. I guess some of this 9+ minute piece is a little more subdued or even more refined sonically. The dynamics and shifts in tempos come certainly, but they aren't as extensive or for as long.

The inspiration seems like it may be from literature, with a title like "Sisyphus."

I would guess the cover art is the image being used below/on their Soundcloud page/Facebook show poster.

Anyway, I may be streaming this a few more times until hearing this record (I generally don't like to *wear out* a song or 2 before hearing it within the whole album), but not too much given this record is coming in just a few weeks.on May 16th, which is the same date of an album release show at Whiskey Junction. Sadly, it will also be keyboardist Bobby Homan's final show with the band. I have no idea what they will do onward, being keyboardist-less? or find someone new? their history almost parallels Genesis a little bit.

I also thought it might be worth sharing the write-up on their Soundcloud:

Brice Plays Drums is a progressive rock project from Minnesota. Since its inception in 2007, the group has diversified and evolved its music, broadening its influences while honing and clarifying their respective skills. Like contemporary progressive groups such as Steve Wilson, The Mars Volta and Between the Buried and Me, they strive to fill the void left by greats such as Yes, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, and Gentle Giant,, thus restoring musicality into the rock genre. A clever and ever varying mix consisting of rock, jazz fusion, Latin, and funk, Brice Plays Drums has pushed the boundaries few bands today dare to tread near. In this vein, they continue to seek the answer to the ultimate question: What the shit is Progressive Rock?

2/19/14 6:30PM
FYI, release date is May 16th.

1/29/14 9:15PM

It's about time we give our Facebook people an update. We are getting our new album, ProgTagonist, mastered so keep an eye out for a cd release show in the near future. Looking forward to showing off this album. Also, we are pleased to announce Andrew McManimon as the newest member of BPD. We will be doing some live gigs soon for all you prog savvy sexy people. Can't wait to debut some tunes.

I Laugh at Your Greener Pastures: Great debut
Man the Animal Cannon: Incredible follow up, and one of the best records this decade,
ProgTagonist: ?

I dig the title, sort of overt, or almost tongue-in-cheek in some way perhaps. It sounds like it may be released in February or March.

Love. this. band.