Thursday, July 31, 2014

sElf - Super Fake Nice [EP]

7/31/14 5:57AM
On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Kind of doubt they'll blow up from this appearance, but stranger things have happened.

If only they could have played "Hey Hipster" that song is fucking gold in a lot of ways. Reminds me a bit of "I Hate Music" from The Reign of Kindo last year in that it basically exposes a group of people who are likely far too naive and full of themselves, they have absolutely no clue how repulsive they come off.

"We Are Portland, We Are Minneapolis. We Are Hipsters. Everyone Else Go Fuck Yourselves!"

In due time perhaps when a direct link is available I should pass it along, but just for now this song could easily be referring to/directed-at of course the Pitchfork, Citypages and 89.3 supporters (and even those entities themselves of course, among others). Yeah, they act like they have the greatest taste on the planet and you'll never even come close to be the tastemakers they are, lol.

So, the song is dedicated to them. They should hear it and realize how admirable they are, lol..

7/27/14 10:45AM

Cute and Funny cat video for the opening track "Runaway"

for better or for worse, this video is getting publicity as noted here on Yahoo. I wonder if they'll show it on Wednesday night on Kimmel?

7/24/14 8:22PM
Stream the whole EP and Matt Mahaffey interview

Great collection of new tunes. Pretty much adds to the quality of more or less all of sElf's music. Catchy, quirky, funny, lyrical and some added textures/electronics.

Nice production too.

just skimming the interview, this question is probably worth passing along.

I have to ask about "Hey, Hipster" from the upcoming EP. Do you really hate hipsters?
I have no beef with hipsters. Some of it is just really comical, it's almost like a costume. You're kind of old enough to know better than to wear these costumes. Pabst Blue Ribbon is the drug of choice in hipster Nashville. You'll be at a bar and see someone order a PBR and they'll be like, "We don't serve PBR." And they'll order some esoteric $9 craft beer. So that kind of defeats the purpose of their whole vibe. I'm just observant of the hipster. I'm not condoning or putting them down. I just find it interesting, that's all. 
I wanted to go for that John Linnell/John Flansburgh type of humor without being Mickey Mouse about it. It's a popular topic and it's a little passe but at the same time I needed something to fill out the EP. I was kind of like, I like this piece of music and I don't care what anybody thinks of it. In the back of my mind it was kind of like Peter Gabriel's The Barry Williams Show. When Montel Williams and all these day-time talking heads were having white trash beat each other up in front of the camera, [Gabriel] wrote this Barry Williams Show song and I remember being like, "What are you doing?" I just hated it. This hipster song is my Barry Williams Show but I couldn't help putting it on there. 
Oh, and sElf is performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Wednesday July 30th.
Matt's announcement on FB

7/16/14 9:08AM

release date July 29th, 2014. ( per their label's Facebook Page)


1 Runaway 3:18
2 Subconscious Life 3:12
3 Gonna Rock 3:14
4 Hey, Hipster 2:41
5 Looks and Money 2:14
6 Splitting Atoms 3:04


6/3/14 5:55AM

FB link

5/24/14 10:19PM
Facebook Link

Logic might say the recently released "Stranger Than Strange" will be included on this. I'd love to submit something for the cover, but I don't exactly have those kinds of talents. Format? I'd love to pick this up on vinyl of course.