Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three: 2014 Singles on the 3rd of each month ("It's Alive (live)" 7/3/14)

8/3/14 5:27PM

"Woodchuck Truck"..this is odd to say the least, but at least it's pretty different than any of these others.

7/3/14 10:50PM

"It's Alive" live. Pretty impassioned and emotional sounding version.

So back in 1963 as The Beatles went to record "Twist and Shout", one of their most famous songs...John Lennon had a cold that day, but they recorded all day anyway but saved that song til the end of the session so he could really blow out his voice! That's kinda what happened for us at this show, Joey's voice sounds good and raw. And since we always get requests to play this one live, here it is!


Painted away the sun
For the picture I’d become
Color the sound of thunder in the distance
A lonely sky

Ghosts were giving chase
And the brush revealed your face
And then I mixed the pigments up
With venom and I’m a lonely god
Who can’t explain
Colliding characters
But from a bird’s eye point of view
Well, all the world is
Green and gold and grey to blue

Brightness falling from the ashes crawling
It’s alive… It’s alive… It’s alive…
Oh, it’s alive…

Painted a rising sun
And the clouds did come undone
Artificial thunder (artificial thunder) in the distance
The sirens cry

Here to take my place
With a mirror for a face
Last leg of the feedback loop
For devils and gods to even odds
And break away

Brightness falling from the ashes crawling
It’s alive… It’s alive… It’s alive…
Oh, it’s alive…

Here we go ’round the bend
Through the orbit once again
From a fate that we cannot defend

This little boy
Renews the promise of a man
For the future is ours to command

I’m dreaming on borrowed time
And I don’t want to wake
Can’t tell if I’m falling or I’m flying
Another leap of faith

Say goodbye and the sun goes down
Watch you turn the bend
But I remember the world is round
You’ll be back again

I stoke the fire in a statue’s heart
Nobody notices
The eyes of a ghost
In a haunted work of art
Watch it come alive

Oh It’s alive… It’s alive… Oh it’s alive…


released 03 July 2014
Joey Eppard: Vocals/Guitar
Chris ‘Gartdrumm’ Gartmann: Drums
Billy Riker: Guitars/Effects
Daniel Grimsland: Bass

Photo by C3 Photography
Design by Elizabeth Visco
Mixed by Robert Frazza
Recorded Live at Bearsville Theater
December 30th 2011
6/3/14 6:51PM

"One Way Town" live. One of my favorites and one of their catchiest tracks.

4/24/14 9:17PM- 5/3/14 2:14PM

"You Are the Alien" coming 5/3/14 3PM EST

digging it. Not as riffy as Sugarlife, but still enjoying things like the vocal harmonies and lyrcs. The outro is short but nice.

Facebook Link

4/2/14 11:04PM

good tune, not incredibly different for Three, but it's catchy and energetic. I am curious if any of these singles will feature any string arrangements as in chatting with Joey last year and in the past, he loves the string arrangements from Kiss Kiss (and Vuvuzela), and he mentioned how he'd like to work with Josh Benash from those bands at some point.

But that being said, this is a nice new track that should tide us fans over until May 3rd.

3/16/14 8:41PM



There's even a Facebook event setup for this. But as that says, April 3rd "Sugarlife" drops and every month, at least the goal is to release a new song, on the 3rd day of said month.

Rather unique way to go about releasing new music, a little like Imogen Heap has done over the last 3 or 4 years.

This should be pretty sweet.

Also it might be worth adding, they added a cool new t-shirt to their online store
which probably will help produce the release of their next record, and even the cost of even recording and mixing/mastering these new singles, which I'd imagine will be released digitally at 1st.