Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fire Garden - Sound of Majestic Colors (2014)

Fire Garden is a progressive metal band from Chicago, whose debut album "Sound of Majestic Colors" was released just a few weeks ago on June 10th.

"The Joker" is a pretty sweet opening track. With dynamic, haunting textures and moods. I particularly like the sad, slow section that comes about 5 minutes-in.

"Get ready to play my game. I leave you all in tears. It'll never be the same, because I'll make you go insane"

The chorus and vibe of it does represent a bit of what "The Joker" from the Batman Universe may represent. At least I suppose I get that image in my head of The Joker character. I would guess the band was thinking about that at least in some part when they wrote and named that track what they did.

edit: I never got around to finishing this as I posted this a few weeks ago as a DRAFT. But I can say, this record, while overall has some of the traditional prog/prog metal. The melodies do stay with you, and there does not seem to include that much of the extensive filler I notice in a lot of the so-called traditional prog metal. I think they focus as much (if not more) on atmosphere as they do on chops.

Vocally Kevin sounds at times like Neal Morse or even Nick D'Virgilio, but not *exactly* like either. I suppose that is one reason why i am not as bothered by the vocals compared to some of the again, so-called trad. prog metal.

Is this an album I am addicted to? I can't say exactly. But I still like a lot of it. "Time Machine" "Far From Grace" "The Last Step" come to mind among the others besides the opening track.

Is it a short record? no, of course just look at the track lengths. But I suppose it doesn't seem as long as it may (or other prog albums of similar 1 hour+ lengths).

I will try and digest it more if/when time allows by the end of the season (Halloween) when that comes up. But for now, as far as "prog" records for 2014, this is one of the better ones, and namely given it's from a new band

1. The Joker 8:39
2. Alone 5:32
3. Time Machine 6:33
4. Endless Memories
5. Redemption 4:18
6. Behind the Face 8:09
7. Forsaken 6:00
8. Echoes in Silence 8:23
9. Far From Grace 6:26
10. The Last Step 8:42