Thursday, February 7, 2013

89.3's "Music Meeting" 2/5/13 @ Amsterdam Hall

2/6/13-2/7/13 Noon both days (so far)

  The crowd closes out the night by giving a resounding,
You can sort of see me in the pic about 4 rows back on the left, lol
I posted the below review
of this new "Music Meeting" on facebook earlier. I have more to add about it and the station in general, but unfortunately I'm up against the clock right now to include much more. But I suppose the biggest thing I took from it last night is I'm not sure I care as much as I might have before. 89.3's listeners or "members" as they call them, just have very different taste than myself. And so even if 89.3 started playing bands like The Dear Hunter and dredg, those people wouldn't like it anyway. It's just a demographic of people I suppose.
 I would be curious if at some point either/or/both someone like Caleigh of Radio K or my gf ended up working there, what kind of impact they may have (or more insights, which was 1 of the reasons I went to this last night. Sadly, I didn't get a ton of them, other than they mentioned how they have these music meetings every week among the staff. And they like at KFAI and Radio K, sift through a lot of music, trying to find the best stuff. I just suspect when they do find some of it, they don't care for it (or enough of the staff don't). So The Dear Hunter might not pass their "music meeting" approval. But among the music they played last night, most of the singers sucked. Casey, fundamental-wise as a singer, is pretty much a better singer than every artist they played last night. 
more to add later hopefully... 
 edit: another edit should come after this, but I just saw the post on their website
Also I remembered 2 other artists played, Wavves and Leagues, both who were highly forgettable/not worth pursuing.
Anyway, I should add more, specifically 1 thing how Mary Lucia of all people chose me for the 1st song to comment when I put up a "1" for what turned out to be a sample of a new My Bloody Valentine song. Talk about Ironies, LOL. The very 1st comment on the very 1st song, and Mary Lucia, who I will say, I don't care to hear her on the air, but she seemed cool enough in that environment the other night. 
Another irony, my venturing to Into the Void records afterwards, a Metal-centered record store in downtown St.Paul. 1 of 2 new music retail stores I've discovered recently. 
Last night at The Current - KCMP 89.3 FM Twin Cities - KMSE 88.7 FM Rochester "Music Meeting" they played 15 songs last night to vote. I don't recall every artist they played, but in jogging my memory, here are I believe 11 of them. And I can say, I only liked 2 enough to look into, this artist named Young Man who reminds me a little of Abandoned Pools (of course pretty much every comment about the song from Young Man didn't mention AB or any artist like ABs..Silversun Pickups? LOL, not really) The only other one that mildy impressed me was a song from the group @Surfer Blood (who sounded more like Fountains Of Wayne than any of the comments/comparisons that were brought up about them) Jessie Ware I like, but the song they chose to play "Wildest Moments" hardly was fully indicative of her sound (doesn't remind me much of Janelle Monae who I was originally suggested she did sound like, and some songs it kind of seems to be true, just not that tune), let alone a good introduction track. I would have suggested a track like "Running" instead. I'll possibly add more in my blog later about this. I will say, the people who work at 89.3 I can fully say I don't hate. They all seem like nice, genuine people, even if on the air they don't always come across that way. And so, I have sort of come to a bit of a conclusion about 89.3's "brand" and demographic, despite I think they could play better music, I'm not sure I want to care so much that they don't anymore. I would though be willing to attend another one of these Music Meetings again.

Young Man
Surfer Blood
Jessie Ware
Iron and Wine
Dido feat Kendrick
Black Angels
Devendra Banhart
Flaming Lips
My Bloody Valentine
Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell