Friday, February 8, 2013

Foals - Holy Fire (2013)

2/8/13 6:00PM
I'm enjoying this album over the last few days. The 2 standout tracks being ""Milk and Black Spiders" and "Providence"..great classic Foals builds/crescendos.

More to add, although only if I find the time. It'll be in the mix for the 2013 Countdown, but I'm skeptical if I will enjoy as much as their other 2 LPs.

12/15/12 12:30AM

New song "My Number" which compared to "Inhaler" sounds more like their traditional sound, which is fine, but I'm not as intrigued by. I kind of felt the same way about "This Orient" which I find works okay on the record, but as a single, is one of if not the worst songs on Total Life Forever. But anyway, this is still worth passing along of course.

11/7/12 2:04AM

Video for the new single "Inhaler." Pretty sweet groove. Also pretty heavy for them, which I'm not so surprised by actually.

10/29/12 9:25AM

This upcoming record drops on February 11th, 2013


We revealed to you last week a name…and the name was ‘Holy Fire’. Now we have some more things to tell you.

‘Holy Fire’ will land on British shores on Feb 11th 2013.

You’ll be able to pre-order a copy of the album (case you forget) on iTunes from Nov 5th, upon which time you’ll get ‘Inhaler’ straight away.

A final announcement for our Australian contingent…we’ll be performing a one-off club show at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Wed Jan 23. Tickets go on sale on Oct 30 at 9am from & 1300 438 849. See you there.

More news coming soon.

 Both of their full length records are excellent, so I can't help but be giddy about hearing this thing early next year. And hopefully if/when they play in Minnesota on tour, the show won't have Menomena or Janelle Monae conflict.