Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Water & Bodies - Fourth of July (Video)

Facebook link
Before you view our new video please take note on a few topics.
1. We recorded this record on our own the months of May-July in Chris's basement.
2. We gave the songs to our good friend Colton Holliday of THE PANIC DIVISION to mix and add his amazing touch.
3. We think these songs are some of the best we've ever written as a group of musicians and if you like this video/song please share it cause we could use the help spreading the word.
4. Our new EP, still don't have a name for it, will be coming out on EYOS Records this October!

This is a cool new tune and video by Water & Bodies. And as they posted on Facebook, it's coming from an upcoming EP expected in October.

I'm getting kind of a Jane's Addiction or I Mother Earth vibe from Aaron's guitar tone. A bit of Static as well (of Ours).

Pretty sweet.