Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christian Nesmith and the Theme Music Players - Kevin Gilbert tribute

A large amount of irony for myself seeing this. Not so much because these are covers/tributes to Kevin Gilbert, as there are certainly a handful of those out there on Youtube and other places. I recall when I 1st got into Kevin Gilbert, his website had a handful of tribute songs available to download (which they still may, I haven't looked for them in years there).

But the irony is, Christian Nesmith is the oldest son of Michael Nesmith, who of course was in The Monkees and has an extensive solo career since the early 1970's. And I recently have discovered enjoyment for Michael Nesmith's solo music. But also my girlfriend is about as big of a Michael Nesmith and Monkees fan out there, and she has been exposed to Kevin's music ever since knowing me of course.

Tying the 2 together is unexpected, but now thinking about it, it's not so odd. Kevin was a big Monkees fan. Peter Tork I guess once attended a private event Kevin's band Kaviar played not long before his death. And Kevin along with Marc Bonilla I recall, did a cover of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" live on a radio show which is streamable on Kevin's site I think. It was shortly after Toy Matinee had come out.

These versions are pretty faithful to the originals, although pretty nice visual parts with "Suit Fugue" including using some "A&R Women."

I suspect Christian attended The Shaming of the True tribute show back in June in Southern California. Had I been there and met him or even Mike, my girlfriend would have freaked, haha. Maybe another time.