Monday, February 21, 2011

Opeth and Unexpect quotes

Well just a couple of quotes to post here until more details come soon.

a quote from one of the members of Unexpect, my guess would be on their fans forum, as I've seen them post there occasionally.

Personnally working my way through the new RADIOHEAD right now. A future classic ?.. We'll know after 13 739 listens.

Protest the Hero, new track is great.

I saw the name DREDG..... I'll look for that one... didn't knew that was still active.

And YES..... finally.... the new UNEXPECT will be released.... after.... allllll that time...... Have been listening to it for over a year now..... it's about folking time!

We'll have a new track up in some days.... Thanks a million times for the patience.

Everybody in the band has agreed on a kind of a change of style, this album doesn't sound like anything the band want to release just to keep the name fresh, I recorded a demo tape with the classic metal sound and played it for Mendez and he pretty much said that he'd be disappointed if this would be our next album. The album is very complex and sounds kind of fusion-like and I think that many fans who think they know what we're about will hate it, but I'm sure many people will love it as well. One thing is for sure, no one will find it boring."

The new Unexpect album has been a long time coming. Good a new song should come soon, and the album not long after. Maybe a tour with Protest or dredg as well? I could see dredg actually going for touring with Unexpect. They did show(s) with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum many years ago, why not Unexpect?

Opeth, going more into jazz-fusion, actually wouldn't surprise me.