Thursday, February 3, 2011

Protest the Hero - Scurrilous (2011) (1.0)

2/3/11 7:12PM
I know, this is a few hours late given it was posted when I was at work. But here's a stream of the Opening track "C'est La Vie":


Protest The Hero - C'est La Vie (Pre-Order Scurrilous Now!) by VagrantRecords

 not bad, but namely the 1st minute and change = rather predictable sounding. The 2nd half I enjoy what they're doing more so.

2/2/11 12:10AM,
1/18/11 8:50PM

cover art and track list:

1. C’est la Vie
2. Hair-Trigger
3. Tandem
4. Moonlight
5. Tapestry
6. Dunsel
7. The Reign of Unending Terror
8. Termites
9. Tongue-Splitter
10. Sex Tapes

Canadian pre-order link with that track listing, tab book, t-shirt, etc

1/13/11 12:35AM

Mar 22 – Protest The Hero Scurrilous (Underground)
According to that Link/List. That is the title and it's released on March 22nd. I'm still a bit suspicious about that, given the band themselves haven't announced anything. But it is a Canadian Media list (CBC), so it seems credible enough, and there are other albums listed as "tba" there.

here's some previous info about it, although I never added the fact Jadea Kelly, the female vocalist who I loved on Kezia and I felt was painfully missed on Fortress is going to be returning on this new record.

Stewdio Pupdate tree. from Rody Walker on Vimeo.