Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kacica - "A Rainbow" and "Last" (Live)

these are a couple of new songs the band has played live, I imagine relatively recently. They sound a bit different for them, more percussive I guess. But they also sound like tracks, especially when recorded and mastered well, could end up growing on me.

I really love this band from Japan. And I can't help but remind of how groups like Beach House seem to be receiving all the hipster cred and success, when Kacica are vastly better. And even with Warpaint, as much as I love them, the naive bloggers and reviews of Warpaint's music fail to realize the band who should be mentioned with them isn't The XX or Land of Talk, but KACICA instead.

But also as I've mentioned many times before, that will likely never happen because Kacica are too obscure and hail from Japan. And they're also too good and too prog for the idiots who write those kinds of reviews.

But I guess the more significant thing to mention being, these new songs are a sign the band have a new album in the works. It's been awhile since 2008's Mosaic, so as a fan, I'm naturally expecting them to do something pretty soon. Hopefully something will be posted soon about that.

They do have a blog of sorts, posted in Japanese, that I've stumbled on a few times. I used google translator to read some of it. Last thing I recall, a mention of Lemmy. I guess about the new film about him. Being from Japan, it's cool although not too surprising they would be a fan of him and Motorhead.