Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caprica: Afterthoughts

So I just finished watching the last/final 18th episode of the now canceled show. It definitely got more interesting the last few episodes including the Season/Series finale "Apotheosis."

The way they tied the monotheists plot in to the Graystone's finally meeting up with the Zoe in V-world, and then her destroying the world Clarice set up for her group to ascend to after blowing up Caprica stadium.

The use of the Cylons to isolate the terrorists, etc.

Now, how/why they killed off Willie Adama and in the final 5 minute montage, showing a younger boy named Bill Adama, honestly felt a lot like the cop-out on Smallville with Jimmy Olsen dying and having a younger brother, then taking on his name, lol. They wanted the Bill Adama we get to know in BSG to have some sort of legacy to fulfill.

I suppose with Blood and Chrome coming and at least a lot of it to be based on Bill Adama's growth in the military, they will explain more about that. It also could be worth going back to BSG now and looking for any and all references to Bill Adama's childhood and younger days. Maybe Joseph and Sam Adama, and even the Guatrau and the Guatrau's daughter (who becomes The Guatrau).

I'm not sure, I don't recall a ton of Tauron past with Adama on BSG. I mainly just remember the plot and rivalry with the Taurons and anti-Tauron people. I suppose it might be worth going back now and watching BSG from the beginning. There are some parts of the show, namely Season 2, that I don't believe I have even seen before. Now having seen Caprica, it probably would help to watch those.

Some comments on imdb said some of the truncated nature of the finale probably was due to time and including the closure/montage at the end. As a result, a lot of footage was not included/deleted and could end up on the dvds. I may seek those dvds out just for that reason (or look for those scenes on youtube or another site). Because namely Lacy Rand's role and everything that went down on Gemenon and the short bit with Clarice going there and Lacy being "Mother" just was so truncated. There definitely should have been more explanation to how that happened.

Another comment on imdb mentioned how perhaps on Blood and Chrome they will show flashbacks to more how the Cylons evolved. So in a way, while the evolution/birth of the Cylon race was supposed to be told in Caprica, and it was shortchanged a bit by getting canceled after 1 season; Blood and Chrome could be an opportunity to tell a lot more of it in flashback form.

The only sad part or issue I have with that is with the established cast and characters on Caprica, the story may not be told with those characters or even just the actors themselves. I guess why I really hope a lot of the cast can make appearances on Blood and Chrome, if in fact those flashbacks happen. Namely Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apanowicz, Eric Stoltz, Paula Malcomson, and even Polly Walker whose the actress that plays Clarice.

It was fitting and kind of predictable, but still nice to see Zoe be born as the 1st "Skin job" in the montage. The sad part about that though is if the show had been able to show the process of how that happened. How her body was made, the details, hangups, glitches, genetic flaws, could have made for some interesting scientific/biological/genetic details. I guess for me, with the new BSG and the whole AI/evolution of mechanical life, etc I always wanted to know how that could be done. How synthesized or another process of making an actual skin-body could be done. There perhaps have been movies or novels written about it in other works. And even in real science today I guess. But that probably is 1 of the most fascinating things to ponder within this show and AI stories in general. So I guess for that, that may be the biggest or saddest part of the loss of this show.

As well, how their evolution led to a merging of the V-world entities/beings and the robots (U-87's), and what leads to them taking over Caprica.

But again..perhaps Blood and Chrome there will be opportunity to explore more of that.